UVC disinfection tunnels

3D disinfection tunnels
UVGI tunnel. Continuous disinfection system for PPE (masks, screens, footwear …) through the use of germicidal UVC radiation (UVGI).

Thanks to a close collaboration with Celtecnia SL, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of surface treatments using UVC / Ozone radiation for the footwear industry, we have been able to provide our clients with different solutions for some time in the field of surface disinfection.

His extensive experience in the field of applying UVC radiation to surfaces with different shapes and sizes has allowed us to have the necessary tools to apply germicidal radiation to equipment such as rooms, always taking into account the appropriate doses of germicidal radiation for inactivation. of the different pathogens, achieving an effective and efficient disinfection and also with the advantage of not generating any type of toxic waste.

Depending on the dimensions of the object or area to be disinfected, we can differentiate between Equipment for disinfection of objects and Equipment for disinfection of rooms.

Within the OBJECT Disinfection Equipment we can talk about the O3 Disinfection Cabin and the UVC disinfection Tunnels. In the field of disinfection of areas or rooms, we would speak of disinfection towers.

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