Guidolin GD-X1

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Electronic pneumatic automatic guillotine mod. GD X1. Suitable for cross cutting and material widths of 300 and 600mm.

Equipped with a central part to carry out a total transversal cut with a double blade. Electronic transport on rollers and at the entrance and exit, different options can be installed to laminate, perform full cut and half longitudinal cut, reading of pre-cut or pre-printed material by means of an optical sensor, and the possibility of mounting a ramp, conveyor belt or stacking system at the exit.

The machine is managed by computer and it is possible to advance material with various measures. Maximum material passage of 300 and 600mm. Simple and fast set-up. Robust construction that ensures high precision, reliability and cutting quality.

They can be integrated into flat or rotary die-cutting equipment and with the possibility of cutting to register on printed or pre-punched materials. High precision and working speed. Optionally, they allow different processes that include lamination, longitudinal cutting and cutting to register.