Guidolin GD RO RTV

Rotary die cutter of half cut and total cut RTV version suitable for working low and medium thickness materials and carrying out complex jobs ensuring optimum productivity. It incorporates a very high precision motorized register head. Variable speed from 0 to 100 meters/minute. The register heads can also be more than one, for more complex processes, ensuring excellent cutting quality. Solid and robust construction that guarantees high reliability and quality of the cutting process.

GD RO RTV is a highly flexible machine. The machine is designed to cut at high speed, with distances preselected by a regulator that guarantees high production. The machine can work as standard with a preset speed.

The weight and the final dimension of the system will depend on the composition of the machine’s bandwidth.
Weigth: 1500Kg
Power supply: 380V- 50Hz- 3F+N+T
Speed: Hasta 100 metros/min

Brochure Download: Guidolin Series