Guidolin GD RO LASER

Guidolin GD RO LASER
Series of precision rotary laser machines with a working area of ​​250×250 and 350x350mm and different powers from 250 to 750 W (or even higher according to customer needs).
GD RO LASER is a combined rotary die cutting laser machine with a laser station to perform complex work while maintaining high quality and precision.

The laser station allows simple and complex cuts, which are not achieved with standard rotary tools, providing a high quality and precision cut, it can be worked in continuous or window to window.
Through the PC workstation you can manage the laser head parameters and convert graphic files in preparation for cutting
Touch screen for quick and easy access to machine parameters
The dimensions and weights will be in accordance with the composition of the machine and with the final bandwidth
Weigth. 1500Kg
Power supply 380V-50Hz-3F + N + T
Working area 200x200mm or 350x350mm

Brochure Download: Guidolin Series