Guidolin GD-RO 250

Rotary precision die cutter, characterized by its optimal quality and modularity of components. Agile configuration that ensures a minimum time of preparation of the works. Solid construction that guarantees the high quality of the cutting process.

Rotary automatic die cutter suitable for large productions. Suitable for half cut and total cut in width 250 mm.

The rotary die cutter is compact, studied and developed for the requirements of die-cutting of adhesive/biadhesive and any other flexible material.
It is equipped with many modular stations, numerous accessories and a computer control system that make it extremely versatile, fast and easy to handle, guaranteeing high cutting precision.
Among the most demanded optional modules are the expansion shafts, the touch screen computer, the parts stacking system, the aspiration, etc.

Brochure Download: Guidolin Series