Guidolin GD-PLAS

Hybrid line GD PLAS composed of flat die cutter and laser plotter that can be equipped with different optional systems that can be mounted before flat die cutting, between it and the laser plotter and after the latter.

Suitable for many flexible adhesive and biadhesive technical materials, with the particularity of being able to use the mechanical unit and the laser unit individually or together. These are two machines in a single unit: Die-cutter normally used to work with speed pieces of dimensions contained within the maximum cutting plane of 600x600mm, while the laser can be used for larger dimensions thanks to its laser cutting work area of 600x1200mm. Possibility of working with both technologies together with the laser plotter, working the die-cut pieces in register.

Among its different options are the lamination of materials, change of liner in different positions, removal and rewinding of waste in automatic mode, cleaning of the pieces at full cut, half cut and total longitudinal cut, cross cut for the creation of sets, rewinding. Solid and robust construction that ensures high reliability, precision and cutting quality.

600x1200mm cutting area with 100-200W power or higher depending on the application according to customer requirements. Using CO2 laser.
It makes it possible to carry out jobs that cannot be carried out by means of a die, such as micro-perforations, incisions and cuts with greater lengths than the cutting area of ​​the die-cutter.
With this line it is possible to work parts of material that are not in roll, for the production of samples or small productions.
All with the added advantage of avoiding the cost of the dies and the time for their realization.

Brochure Download: Guidolin Series