FlashCut Flex 1515 S HD

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1550×1550 cutting area
130mm high HD head


Gaskets and Fittings
Gaphic Arts

The new generation of FlashCut FLEX knife cutting systems offers a wide range of configurations and accessories in order to satisfy the possibility of working a wide variety of flexible materials in many industrial sectors: Industrial Gaskets, Packaging, Upholstery, Automobile, Aeronautics, Composites , Footwear, Leather Goods, etc.
They represent the natural evolution of the previous generation of ATOM cutting systems, notably improving robustness always based on a solid and compact chassis, an exclusive Atom characteristic of recognized and proven efficiency.
Numerous technological innovations, electronics, software, axis control, cutting heads, tools.

The FLEX line is divided into the following versions:

Flashcut “S”: Static cutting surface tables
Flashcut “B”: Cutting surface tables with movable mat. Conveyorized. For cutting rolls.
Flashcut “HD”: Cutting tables with maximum cutting height head of 130mm
Flashcut “EMHD”: Cutting tables with combined knife/cutting head with a maximum height of 100mm

Download Catalogue: FlashCut FLEX