FlashCut 888-L35

La ATOM FlashCut 888-L35 takes to the extreme the compromise between ease of use, versatility and maximum production oriented to a single operator. Increasing the cutting surface up to 3500mm with 2 heads that both work across the cutting surface.
This makes the FC888-L35 the most productive and efficient compact system on the market, being interesting both in leather, for manufacturing complex models, and mainly in synthetic materials in the auxiliary sector of footwear. Insoles, soles, top-puffs and counters/stiffeners, etc.
Like the rest of Flashcut, it offers a
Excellent cutting quality thanks to the mechanical precision of the machine axes and the powerful head, which accepts all the tools in the ATOM range. Among them the pneumatic mandrelfor hard materials. Its electricity consumption is very low and the projection on the work surface is particularly bright and precise.

Download Brochure: FlashCut EASY 888 L35