Shoemaster® DESIGN

CAD software for the realization of virtual 3D prototypes Shoemaster® DESIGN.

Flexible 3D CAD system that enables creative designers to rapidly develop concepts and new ideas. It provides a wide range of tools to allow you to experiment with more ideas by reducing the number of physical samples. Production of virtual prototypes, data for agile prototyping, and precise transfer of design ideas to production.

Shoemaster DESIGN allows:
Bring your designs to life.
View them directly in 3D.
Transform any idea into reality.

Design using digital tools, such as the graphic tablet.

Use different import methods: regardless of how the design was made, Shoemaster DESIGN allows you to import it and make extremely realistic 3D virtual samples.

Create your 3D models: It is possible to make a three-dimensional sample to be transferred to systems for 3D/2D modeling and technical production.

Development of virtual samples experimenting with infinite combinations of materials, colors and accessories.

Download Catalogue: Shoemaster® DESIGN