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The L3 is a large format galvanometric laser cutting and marking machine equipped with a pulsed CO2 laser source with powers from 250 to 1000 W.

Suitable for cutting and marking on large formats, the L3 is capable of working with leather, textiles, wood, glass, marble, plastic and synthetics.

3-axis galvanometric head with dynamic focus adjustment that ensures a small point at all times at high working speeds.

The Real3D Marking function ensures marking on uneven surfaces by keeping the point constant and delivering high precision.

Standard wornking area 500x500mm (600×600 optional).

Powerful and easy to use CLI (Laser Comas Interface) control software.

Compatible: (*.DXF, *.PLT, *.JPG) y 3D (*.DXF 3D, *.STP, *.IGES).


Real 3D Marking . The focus is programmed in 3 coordinates. El foco láser cambia en función del eje (x.y,z).
Flexibility and ease of use
Hydraulically cooled laser source, galvanometric laser head.
Robust and reliable system
Powerful and easy-to-use control software


Pneumatic or motorized sliding table
Working area 600 x 600 mm

Brochure Download: LASER L3