CMS Waterspeedy

State-of-the-art technology at the service of precision, speed and versatility. Waterspeedy is a suitable system for cutting flexible materials, such as foams, rubber, plastic, composites, gaskets, etc. High precision and dynamism of the assembly thanks to its multi-head function capable of working with up to 10 cutting heads, and the pallet change system, which ensures high productivity and a competitive cost compared to other systems. Solution designed thanks to a conscientious planning of the needs of each client and a solid commitment to the highest safety standards. Speeds up to 60 m/min.

WATERJET 3 IN 1 SYSTEM >> Complete and innovative solution in CMS Tecnocut waterjet cutting technology through a three-in-one system: MACHINE + PRESSURE INTENSIFIER + SOFTWARE. It incorporates, on the one hand, a fast, precise and high-quality robot cutting machine in construction and performance. This system is completed with an Easypump or Jetpower power unit, depending on the machine configuration, with cylinders in parallel synchronization, which intensifies the water pressure while keeping it constant, avoiding the characteristic drops in the performance of the other systems pumps. By means of the Tecnocut EasyCam program, the control and management of the cut is carried out. It is a powerful and sophisticated software tool that is easy to use, efficient and intuitive.

Download Catalogue: WATERSPEEDY