CMS Smartline


New SMARTLINE waterjet machine, the most agile waterjet equipment available today without compromising its renowned precision and quality of work.


-Savings of up to 30% in cutting time thanks to its travel speed (up to 50 meters / minute) and its high acceleration, unique characteristics in its category.

-+ -0.07mm position accuracy and + -0.05mm repeatability ensure consistent work quality.

-Excellent price / performance ratio that makes this Smartline model the optimal, high-tech solution for processing flexible materials, such as rubbers, rubbers or foams.


-Compact design and solid structure.

-Available with 3-axis head and also with the innovative JD5ax 5-axis head with infinite rotation.

-Prepared for the new abrasive evacuation system.

-Possibility of installing several 3-axis heads on a single Z axis.


Waterjet cutting systems suitable for cutting both with pure water and with abrasive depending on the hardness of the material to be worked. Possibility of working infinity of flexible, rigid and semi-rigid materials such as plastics (Teflon, PVC, ABS, etc.), metals (steel, aluminum etc.), rubbers (rubber, latex, foams, etc.), stone ( marble, granite, synthetic stone, ceramic, etc.), glass (cast, laminated, etc.), etc.

Brochure Download: ATOM CMS SMARTLINE