Chiesa for Atom F1 EDI


ATOM-Chiesa’s moving head and CNC F1 EDI numerical control cutting systems combine guaranteed cutting power, precision, speed and maximization of the material to be cut. They incorporate an electric cutting head without the need to incorporate hydraulics depending on the model. This technology reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, eliminates maintenance associated with hydraulic components, improving precision, efficiency and production.

ATOM Chiesa F1 EDI is a cutting system suitable for large productions with electrical technology, not hydraulic depending on the model, silent, which combines the advance of the material together with a very agile cutting head that incorporates the die and moves across the width of the material to perform the cutting job. It can also be equipped with a PIT STOP automatic die change system. The advance of the material uses the conveyor belt in conjunction with a system of pneumatic clamps that help in its dragging and allow a speed and precision of feeding practically double in comparison with other conventional systems of rollers. The positioning of the die and the pieces is carried out automatically managed from the machine itself.

High strokes per minute ratio combined with easy learning and operation that make these systems very effective and efficient work tools. Its robust structure and the quality of its mechanical components allow a high and precise cutting speed.

Its simplicity of use and quick learning of its powerful functions allow it to be used by a wide profile of staff operators.

As an option, a material optimization software with efficient and practical part nesting is available.

La Sanson F1 EDI It is the first numerical control press with Electric technology, not Hydraulic.
Better control of the die tool.
Greater speed and agility.
Reduction of direct costs in a 50%.
The punching work absorbs electrical energy only at the instant of cutting.
Less noise.
Less Maintenance.
More organized.
Improved reliability and repeatability of cycles.
Better for the environment.
User-friendly graphical interface and software control.

Brochure Download: ATOM-CHIESA CNC F1