Atom Angeleri thermo- gluing and cold gluing systems.
Thermosetting machines:
Application of hot melt adhesive by means of a spreading roller. The amount of adhesive is adjusted and distributed precisely thanks to a squeegee, which proportionally transfers the adhesive onto the roller. The work surface features an adjustable guide to regulate the gluing width. Both the thickness and the pressure to exert on the material are adjustable. Possibility of incorporating a speed variator motor.
Cold gluing:
Series of highly versatile gluing machines that respond to the different needs of each client and aimed at working with different adhesives, water-based, solvent-free, solvent-based or latex-based adhesives. Depending on the type of adhesive in question, the configuration of the roller and machine parts may vary, adapting to the characteristics of the adhesive to provide efficient gluing as well as greater protection against deterioration.